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●   Crescent Legal provides consulting services to professionals seeking the legal services without the employment of full time legal staff.

●   Crescent Legal ensures prompt response to your legal requirements to ensure no undue delays and quick resolution of matters.

●   Engaging Crescent Legal to assist in drafting your documents, lodging your applications and appearing at court on your behalf.

●   Crescent Legal is available to assist with your in-house staff over the phone or by email, and can help you manage a variety of legal matters effectively and efficiently.

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Domestic Violence (Violent Restraining Orders)

Our firm provides advice and appears for both Applicants and Respondents. We can provide advice on child arrangements during VRO application and orders, any criminal law charges for breaches of the orders, any property disputes with neighbour/s or partner/s due to the VRO. We can draft and negotiate a settlement of an Undertaking to avoid the VRO being effected.
We have successfully defended very many restraining order applications, which have often resulted in no order being made.
If this is suitable to your legal needs then contact our Principal, Razaan Mosaval on (08) 6142 4764 or email directly for a discussion on our fixed fee services: